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Leon Sedgar
   “Can we put six dire sharks in that lake or are we going to have to do work on it first?” Leon asked to the druid consulting on the planned rebuilding of his holdings.
   “You want to know if we can put HOW MANY Dire Sharks in that pond?!?” Exclaimed the druid, “They’ll eat everything in there within a week!”
   “We are planning on feeding the sharks so they don’t eat the existing fish” replied Leon.
   “Do you have any idea how much fully grown dire sharks eat?”
   “Can we section a portion of it off for the sharks?”
   “Do you have any idea how big of a barrier we would have to put in?!?”
   “They are trained as mounts…”
   “And I’m sure you’d be happy to let my pet Tarraque graze in the fields behind the castle. It will ruin the fishing village on that lake; it took us years to drill sustainable fishing into them.”
   “Ok, well what about the mountain hunting lodge, could we dig them a pond there to leave the sharks?”
   “And how do you intend to keep it from freezing in winter? A wand of fireballs?”
   “That sounds like the kind of problem I’m paying you to solve.  I’m a warlord noble not an expert on building shark habitats!  Where do you think we should put the sharks then?”
   “Boss!  Boss! An Army of skeletons has laid siege to the castle!” Brutus shouts as he runs into Leon’s council room.  The assembled group of architects, engineers, merchants, druids, and wizards look somewhat panicked at the news.  Not so long ago the entire countryside was overrun with undead, and while the M7 cleaned up the worst of it, there are still ongoing mop up expeditions ensuring that the few remaining undead are put to rest.
   “How many are there Brutus?” Leon asks his new body guard.  Leon got Brutus as a part of a cash loan from a friend of the Sedgar family.  Rebuilding has not been cheap and as a condition of the loan Leon had to give Brutus an important job. The best comparison for Brutus would be a bull, both are big, strong, and come from farms, also neither is known for being particularly bright.  As such Leon gave him the job he figured he’d do best at: meat shield.
   “More than lots!” replied Brutus and the worried look on the assembled council grew worse.  Leon however, remained calm, Brutus couldn’t count that high, normally lots started at about 7 and more than lots was about a dozen to two dozen, any more than that was ‘more than he could count’.
   “And are the guards on the wall handling the situation?” asked Leon
   “They sent me to get you as quick as possible so you could lead them to victory!”
   Rolling his eyes, Leon addressed the councilors as he made his way to the door, “Ladies and gentlemen please excuse me for a moment, it would seem that there are some undead that need my attention.  Feel free to make yourselves comfortable, the servants will bring some more wine and some food for you while you wait.”
   As Leon started down the hall towards the battlements Brutus asked “Don’t we need to get your armor and weapons boss?”  Leon considered this as he continued walking, Brutus did have a point he should probably at least grab a weapon.  As he passed a mounted set of plate armor he paused long enough to grab the gauntlets and glaive it was holding before continuing outside.  It’s not like he’d have to do a lot of work, that’s why he had guards.
   Outside the situation was somewhat worse than expected. Banging on the castle gate was a group of fifteen decrepit skeletons backed up by a skeleton warrior and a pair of skeleton archers. As he leaned over the wall one of the archers took a shot at Leon, missing by a mile.  Leon casually stepped back also dodging Brutus’ attempt to knock him to the ground out of the line of fire.  Looking at the assembled archers on the wall and the one wizard that was with them Leon asked, “Why did you need me out here again? A fireball and a couple more arrows would have mopped this up.”
   “The skeletons hit Fluffy while they were lobbing arrows over the wall.  We figured you’d be more upset if we didn’t let you have a crack at them.” The wizard replied. Fluffy being Leon’s favorite hunting dog had take far worse than the best these skeletons could dish out.  However Leon was touched by their desire to let him beat on some defenseless skeletons to take his revenge.
   “Next time can you kill them before they get close enough to lob arrows over the wall?” Leon asked heading down the stairs towards the gate where Fluffy was trying just as hard to get at the skeletons as they were to breach the gate.
   “We did, there’s about a hundred bone piles leading up to the wall from where they entered range.” The wizard replied from on the wall.
   At the bottom of the stiars Leon found Fluffy scratching at the reinforced wooden gates.  Looking Fluffy over Leon couldn’t find the spot where the arrow had hit. Looking back up the wall Leon didn’t have to even ask before the answer came back, “Arrow glanced off the keep wall before falling on Fluffy’s head while she was dinking.”
Leon rolled his eyes, “You guys just wanted an excuse to get me out of that council meeting.”
   “You haven’t killed something in like two days, we were worried for the people stuck in the council room with you.” Was the smart ass reply.
   “Just because I’ve spent the last three weeks killing undead doesn’t make me some battle crazed monster you need to save people from by finding me something for me to fight.  Besides if I don’t sort out those details soon building won’t be done before winter hits.” Replied Leon, “Besides I enjoy dealing with the political side of my job.”
   “And yet you don’t seem to be in a hurry to get back to that meeting do you?”
   “… Just open the gates so we can mop this up, I don’t need to pay more to fix a hole scratched in my gate by a group of skeletons and my dog.  Hopefully they have some treasure on them as it sounds like shark pens are more expensive than I thought they were.”
   “Looks like one of them has a magic wand of some sort, but I think it’s too dumb to use it.  Maybe you can sell it?”
   “Let’s hope for a wand of fireballs that it’s too dumb to use then so I can shut up that druid in the council room.” Said Leon as he approached the opening gate in front of him, the glaive readied to smash some skeletons.
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