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Leon Sedgar
   “Can we put six dire sharks in that lake or are we going to have to do work on it first?” Leon asked to the druid consulting on the planned rebuilding of his holdings.
   “You want to know if we can put HOW MANY Dire Sharks in that pond?!?” Exclaimed the druid, “They’ll eat everything in there within a week!”
   “We are planning on feeding the sharks so they don’t eat the existing fish” replied Leon.
   “Do you have any idea how much fully grown dire sharks eat?”
   “Can we section a portion of it off for the sharks?”
   “Do you have any idea how big of a barrier we would have to put in?!?”
   “They are trained as mounts…”
   “And I’m sure you’d be happy to let my pet Tarraque graze in the fields behind the castle. It will ruin the fishing village on that lake; it took us years to drill sustainable fishing into them.”
   “Ok, well what about the mountain hunting lodge, could we dig them a pond there to leave the sharks?”
   “And how do you intend to keep it from freezing in winter? A wand of fireballs?”
   “That sounds like the kind of problem I’m paying you to solve.  I’m a warlord noble not an expert on building shark habitats!  Where do you think we should put the sharks then?”
   “Boss!  Boss! An Army of skeletons has laid siege to the castle!” Brutus shouts as he runs into Leon’s council room.  The assembled group of architects, engineers, merchants, druids, and wizards look somewhat panicked at the news.  Not so long ago the entire countryside was overrun with undead, and while the M7 cleaned up the worst of it, there are still ongoing mop up expeditions ensuring that the few remaining undead are put to rest.
   “How many are there Brutus?” Leon asks his new body guard.  Leon got Brutus as a part of a cash loan from a friend of the Sedgar family.  Rebuilding has not been cheap and as a condition of the loan Leon had to give Brutus an important job. The best comparison for Brutus would be a bull, both are big, strong, and come from farms, also neither is known for being particularly bright.  As such Leon gave him the job he figured he’d do best at: meat shield.
   “More than lots!” replied Brutus and the worried look on the assembled council grew worse.  Leon however, remained calm, Brutus couldn’t count that high, normally lots started at about 7 and more than lots was about a dozen to two dozen, any more than that was ‘more than he could count’.
   “And are the guards on the wall handling the situation?” asked Leon
   “They sent me to get you as quick as possible so you could lead them to victory!”
   Rolling his eyes, Leon addressed the councilors as he made his way to the door, “Ladies and gentlemen please excuse me for a moment, it would seem that there are some undead that need my attention.  Feel free to make yourselves comfortable, the servants will bring some more wine and some food for you while you wait.”
   As Leon started down the hall towards the battlements Brutus asked “Don’t we need to get your armor and weapons boss?”  Leon considered this as he continued walking, Brutus did have a point he should probably at least grab a weapon.  As he passed a mounted set of plate armor he paused long enough to grab the gauntlets and glaive it was holding before continuing outside.  It’s not like he’d have to do a lot of work, that’s why he had guards.
   Outside the situation was somewhat worse than expected. Banging on the castle gate was a group of fifteen decrepit skeletons backed up by a skeleton warrior and a pair of skeleton archers. As he leaned over the wall one of the archers took a shot at Leon, missing by a mile.  Leon casually stepped back also dodging Brutus’ attempt to knock him to the ground out of the line of fire.  Looking at the assembled archers on the wall and the one wizard that was with them Leon asked, “Why did you need me out here again? A fireball and a couple more arrows would have mopped this up.”
   “The skeletons hit Fluffy while they were lobbing arrows over the wall.  We figured you’d be more upset if we didn’t let you have a crack at them.” The wizard replied. Fluffy being Leon’s favorite hunting dog had take far worse than the best these skeletons could dish out.  However Leon was touched by their desire to let him beat on some defenseless skeletons to take his revenge.
   “Next time can you kill them before they get close enough to lob arrows over the wall?” Leon asked heading down the stairs towards the gate where Fluffy was trying just as hard to get at the skeletons as they were to breach the gate.
   “We did, there’s about a hundred bone piles leading up to the wall from where they entered range.” The wizard replied from on the wall.
   At the bottom of the stiars Leon found Fluffy scratching at the reinforced wooden gates.  Looking Fluffy over Leon couldn’t find the spot where the arrow had hit. Looking back up the wall Leon didn’t have to even ask before the answer came back, “Arrow glanced off the keep wall before falling on Fluffy’s head while she was dinking.”
Leon rolled his eyes, “You guys just wanted an excuse to get me out of that council meeting.”
   “You haven’t killed something in like two days, we were worried for the people stuck in the council room with you.” Was the smart ass reply.
   “Just because I’ve spent the last three weeks killing undead doesn’t make me some battle crazed monster you need to save people from by finding me something for me to fight.  Besides if I don’t sort out those details soon building won’t be done before winter hits.” Replied Leon, “Besides I enjoy dealing with the political side of my job.”
   “And yet you don’t seem to be in a hurry to get back to that meeting do you?”
   “… Just open the gates so we can mop this up, I don’t need to pay more to fix a hole scratched in my gate by a group of skeletons and my dog.  Hopefully they have some treasure on them as it sounds like shark pens are more expensive than I thought they were.”
   “Looks like one of them has a magic wand of some sort, but I think it’s too dumb to use it.  Maybe you can sell it?”
   “Let’s hope for a wand of fireballs that it’s too dumb to use then so I can shut up that druid in the council room.” Said Leon as he approached the opening gate in front of him, the glaive readied to smash some skeletons.
Info on the start of the Yuan-ti conflict is a little sketchy from the sources you have access to.  Near as any one can tell they may have taken exception to recent development in the area and the taking back of territory lost to Minya after the spell plague.  But it's not like anyone is interested in having a polite conversation with snake people that are pissed off and rampaging through the jungle.  It could also be that the Yuan-ti finally had built up enough of a force that they felt they could take territory from Minya, driving them entirely from the jungle, and the recent expansion in the area just came at a poor time.  If you want more info you are more than welcome to venture into the jungle, find one of their temples and see if they'll tell you, last group that tried that hasn't been heard from since.

Opinions on the Order of the Crystal Mind vary depending on who you ask.  The man on the street thinks they are good people actually doing something to make things better.  The merchants are split, on one hand it's safer to ship goods, on the other hand they did take a shot at them.  The Sultan of Noph is not a fan, but respects the work that they do, the other sultans feel very similarly and are keeping a close eye on the upstarts lest they rock the boat too much.  The other religious sects think they are something spawned from the nine hells, the abyss, the far realm, or some combination there of, they might be biased/bitter though.  The problem is that they have burst onto the scene in such a short time no one has really had a chance to properly size them up and to collect any dirt on them.  Those that have tried have found them to be so squeaky clean they can only conclude that something must be up as no one is that "Good" without being up to something.

As far as the evidence goes, some of it was confessions from prisoners taken, some was from documents found, some was eye witness reports of deals going down.  All of the evidence was examined with every possible technique magical and mundane to verify it was indeed genuine.  Even so there are some people that think some of the evidence was too good to be true, and that if a cover up of this scale was going on for a long period of time that previous raids by adventurers or the town guard/army would have turned something up.  But that's the only flaw that could be found, it was like the perfect storm of how to discredit most of the major power players in one neat little package was dropped right into the order's lap.

Becoming a slave happens in one of two ways: a.) you are unable to pay your debt to someone and are sold into slavery for a period of time as determined by the courts based on the size of the debt and any special skills you may have, b.) you are sold into slavery by your legal guardian or you sell yourself into slavery, normally more common amongst the lower class where there is no other option available and money is needed. There are rumors of option c.) get completely wasted in the wrong bar and wake up a slave, but proof of this is hard to find.

As certified adventurers from Eideburgh you have certain diplomatic privileges:
1.) You can't be sentenced to slavery, instead any assets on you would be ceased by the courts and you would be deported.  Return to the Caliphate of Minya would be possible upon paying any remaining debt off at one of their embassies.  Normally they are nice and leave you with a set of mundane gear so you can get back to adventuring and have a hope of earning some coin to pay off the rest of your debt.  You can still choose to willingly sell yourself into slavery, use of this option is left up to the adventurer in question.
2.) You are allowed to carry all your toys with you without them being peace bound or needing to detail just how many people you can kill with the power of your mind in 60 seconds.  You are still responsible for not using them on the population unless attacked first, even then collateral damage is not acceptable and striking to subdue is preferred as it makes interrogation by the guards much cheaper for all involved (speak with dead rituals don't exactly grow on trees).  You will likely still have a couple of guards assigned to follow you around the major cities to ensure you don't get into too much trouble with all the firepower you have, they try to be subtle about it, it's their job don't give them too hard a time about it, they'll go away after a while. You may also pick up a contingent of spies for the various merchants/nobles depending on how interesting you are, they are more subtle than the guards, you don't have to go easy on them, they go away when you are no longer interesting.
3.) You may request a meeting with the local sultan to discuss concerns or issues your activities in their territories may have/will raise.  In theory you may also request an audience with the Caliph, but you'd better have a good reason for doing so (also strongly recommended that you have gone through the local Sultan and the Sultan of Noph, if not the same person, first).

Otherwise the only other advice that the adventurer's guild has on visiting Minya is to be aware that while Eideburgh is more of a might makes right kind of place, Minya is more of a coin/blackmail/favors makes right place.

Akram Kareem, Leily's father, has heard of your recovery of an airship.  He has offered to pay for the entire retrofit and repair if you can get it down to Noph.  He has purchased a small crystal which should allow you to get it there without worry of it falling out of the sky and had it teleported to your mercenaries at the ariship.  The mercenaries have fit it into the ship and are on their way to pick you up, initial reports are that while it's flying with the new crystal, it handles like a stubborn mule and goes about as fast as a river barge against the current.  They aren't sure how much of that is the cargo they are hauling (dragon eel bits + sharks) and how much is an under powered crystal. though it is agreed that it is better than walking as they can run it 24/7 to make up extra time.

From Scott:

Specific information I'm looking for:
  • Are the Yuan-ti in the jungle associated with the cult activity we have been dealing with? (I'm guessing so)
    • if so, does this give us an opportunity to find out more about what our enemies are planning?
      • Can we get this information from the Caliphate military or the order of the crystal mind without involving ourselves in combat?
  • Are the Crystal Mind as "good" as they appear to be?
    • Did they create the evidence that they used against the temples?
  • Laws
    • Under what circumstances does one become a slave?
    • Are outsiders bound by different laws
Order of the Crystal Mind
Leader: Grand Master Wulfenite - Shardmind
The order's structure is based off of a martial arts dojo.  A series of different colour coded levels represent a person's progression.  The current leader, Grandmaster Wulfenite, is responsible for the order's rapid rise to prominence.  Several masters of the order have been dispatched to communities through out Minya to spread the order's teachings.  The Grandmaster resides in the original academy located a few hours outside of Noph.

The order teaches self discipline and belief in ones self.  Rather than looking to some outside force (gods, spirits, demons, kings, etc...) for solutions to ones problems the order teaches to look within ones self to find the strength to overcome the issues.  Much of this introspection is done via meditation using crystals as a focus, giving the order it's name.  Those advanced in the order's teaching can use crystals for more advanced purposes such as healing, divination, and combat.  While many of those with psionic talents can quickly advance to the more complex crystal techniques, mundane members of the order are proving that it is not a requirement provided enough dedication.

Once of the key components of the progression through the ranks is a journey made out into the world to use the teachings of the order to aid people.  While out in the world it is expected that the member on their journey will bring back new techniques and learning to share with the rest of the order making it stronger.

The order used to be a small academy used to train psychicly gifted people on how to use their powers. For centuries its members would go out into the world to fight against the forces of darkness that sought to enslave the world.  That changed about six years ago.

Six years ago the former Grand Master passed away due to old age.  He decreed that Master Wulfenite and his twin Master Onyx would be co-grandmasters.  The two shardminds were the most gifted members of the academy, and they complimented each others talents.  Wulfenite was trained as a battlemind, using his powers to defend the order, Onyx was trained as an Ardent to heal and lead the order's members.  While initially, as was expected by all the members of the order, Wulfenite and Onyx worked well together.  For the first year under Wulfenite and Onyx the order prospered and won many key victories over the forces of darkness.  However it became apparent that the twins did not see eye to eye on all things.

Wulfenite saw the plight of the people of Minya, monsters ravaging the country side, people living in poverty their lives ruined by the vices peddled my the merchant class.  The priests talked about how their gods would protect those that believed and how their holy warriors were driving back the monsters.  The nobles throwing lavish parties while not hundreds starved within the city walls.  Wulfenite wanted to take action, to share the teachings of the order and to save the people of Minya from those that sought to take advantage of them.  Onyx however feared that by opening the order to outsiders that the teachings would become corrupted and twisted until the order was little better than the churches that so enraged Wulfenite.

The debate raged between the twins went on over the next three years. Sometimes it was in the background as more pressing concerns came up, but it was never far from either twin's mind.  Eventually they decided that the only way to solve the debate was a duel.  Winner would be the sole grandmaster, loser could either leave or stay on as a master within the order.  Reports vary on the duel itself, some say it was an epic battle between the twins that went for hours, others say it was over in a single blow.  The outcome however was that Onyx left the order, becoming a hermit in the deserts about two days outside of Noph.  Caravans occasionally report encountering a Shardmind in the dessert who aids those in need of help against the natural forces of the desert, never taking anything in return for his assistance.

Wulfenite has made several changes since his brother left.  The order now welcomes anyone willing to learn, it has sent several of its master out to spread the teachings and better the life of the commoners in Minya. Wulfenite has also driven off the intelligent monster tribes from Minya, many of which had fled north across the Lake of Eternal Mists into the marshes around Lakecrest.  Wulfenite has exposed the clergy for what he knew them to be.  Unfortunately the merchants weaseled their way out of any retribution.  The Sultan of Noph and Wulfenite have come to an understanding and tensions between the order and the nobles while not as tense, are not exactly friendly either.
Sultanate of Noph
Ruler: Sultan Parvaiz Eltanin Azi Ejdeha
Prior to the spell plague the Sultanate of Noph was run by the Caliph.  During the turmoil the Caliph at the time gave the Sultanate to the Parvaiz's family for their assistance.  Parvaiz's family have been strong supporters of the Calif ensuring that while they may have little power they are kept in place to act as an arbiter in case of dispute between the sultans and as a figure head for the people.

Noph is a major trade city.  Anything can be bought or sold so long as the proper taxes are paid on the transactions.  Trade goods from other planes can even be found here, though they do have a substantial markup.  Slavery is common, though there are laws in place to ensure that slaves are treated well.

The sultan of Noph draws input from a council of lesser nobles, merchants, and religious leaders.  With the recent issues the religious leaders have been dealing with their influence has dropped. While the council may provide input to the sultan they have no actual power to to make changes to the laws, and the sultan makes an example of those who challenge his rule.

Noph is situated around an oxbow in the great southern river.  The central section in the middle of the oxbow is home to the Palaces of the Sultan and the Caliph.  As well many of the nobles and wealthier merchants have small estates or manor houses surrounding the palaces.  The inner section also houses the grand market where anything can be purchased.  The outer section houses the majority of the population, temples, smaller markets, and the industrial section of the city.  Along the banks of the river on both sides are docks, ship yards, warehouses on the outer bend and parks on the inner.
Magnificent 7 / Back Story on Minya, Noph, and the Order of the Crystal Mind
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Minya Caliphate
Ruler: Caliph Rahim Rasalased Sadalmelik
Capital: Noph (see Sultanate of Noph below)
Prior to the spell plague the Califate controlled most of the region from the southern basin of the Lake of Eternal Mists to the mouth of the Great southern River where it meets the ocean.

Since the spellplague devastated the world the Caliph has had less and less control over the Caliphate.  The various Sultans have assumed absolute control over their lands.  However they keep each other in check as none are strong enough to take the Caliphate by force.  Instead they allow the puppet Caliph to rule while they grow rich off of trade and commerce.

While many of the Sultanates have remained a part of the Caliphate some further to the south fragmented off, were over run, or were simply abandoned as the magic that sustained many of the cities failed.

The Caliphate still sprawls along the banks of the Great Southern River that drains the Lake of Eternal Mist into the ocean.  In the north there is a band of fertile land along the river bordered by deserts that take the camel trains almost a week to cross.  In the south there is dense jungle where several spice and fruit plantations are located.  The three major centers of trade are the Saphire Gate (town on the shores of the Lake of Eternal Mist), the Emerald Gate (near the jungle plantations), and Noph (Capital midway between).

Most of the military is controlled now by the Sultans, having been stripped from the Caliph.  For the most part the Sultans keep their military at home, however recent Yuan-ti activity in the jungle has cause many of the Sultans to send a division of their troops to aid in the defense of the Caliphate.

Current Events:
The Order of the Crystal Mind has recently managed to become the largest religious group.  The order used to be a small dojo/temple for pinnacle gifted people.  However they recently opened their doors to anyone interested in what they have to teach.  Additionally they are responsible for routing the surrounding intelligent monster tribes from the area.  This made them very popular with the citizens.  Additionally they revealed that some of the monsters had received support from members of the clergy for the other major temples.  This made the citizen very angry. While several key members of the clergy for the various temples have faced repercussions several of the temples have lost many of their worshipers.  People the Order or the Crystal Mind were more than happy to welcome.

While many of the temples will be able to continue operations it is expected that the lack of donations will limit their ability to drive their political agendas in the long run.  As well many of the clergy are still adjusting to new roles they have found themselves in after the removal of key members in relation to the charges.  This has created a power vacuum that the Order of the Crystal Mind has been more than happy to fill.

The Order of the Crystal Mind tried the same thing with the merchants, but that didn't go so good.  The merchants managed to spin the giving treasure to the monsters as paying for protection and/or the spoils from sacked caravans.  Paying up was cheaper than large numbers of well trained guards, and when the bribes didn't work the guards that were there made sure that the monsters paid a price for being greedy.  And since paying protection is the norm for doing business the merchants just factored it in as a cost of doing business.  Now that they don't have to pay as much protection they can reduce prices on the goods they are bringing in.  They also pointed out that they aren't in the monster killing business, that's the job of the army and all the religious crusaders that are supposed to be driving back the "forces of evil"; throwing the clergy under the bus for all those years of medling with their business practices.

The Sultans responded by pointing out that the army is fighting off a large number of yuan-ti and if people really wanted to do something they could join the army.  The sultan then offered to conscript the people complaining and give them weapons and let them go kill more monsters than they could shake their spears at.  The Order of the Crystal Mind decided that they didn't want to fight that battle at this time and told people to go enjoy the sales in the markets.
Magnificent 7 / Re: The Story So Far
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Ok, there is the story so far, from here on it's up to you guys to update this with what went on and points of interest.  Scott has volunteered to to the majority of the note keeping so the rest of you should just have to make sure he didn't miss any highlights ;)

Side Note: if the forums eat my campaign notes again I'm going to be very sad.
Magnificent 7 / Re: The Story So Far
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The Magnificent 7 and the Raiders of the Temple of Melora
   Having had enough of damp claustrophobic spaces the Magnificent 7 decided to go deal with whoever was responsible for raiding one of the main temples to Melora on the Lake of Eternal Mists.  The odd thing in the reports is that no bodies had been found and most of the treasure had been left in the temple.  Hopping a boat out to the nearby fishing village made for a quick and uneventful trip.  Arriving in the fishing village the Magnificent 7 were given a rather cold reception.  It seems that several other adventuring parties had flooded the area and they weren’t being very polite, diplomatic, or respectful.
   Heading up to the temple they found two angry mobs out front of the gates and a small group of guards trying to maintain control.  On one side were the adventures wanting access to the temple to investigate, the other had the villagers indicating that all the adventurers wanted was to steal the temple’s treasures, and stuck in the middle was Captain Shieldguard of the Lakecrest militia.  Stepping up the Magnificent 7 managed to defuse the situation and got the villagers to go home and the adventurers to back off on getting into the temple.  As well they also foiled a robbery that almost set off a riot with them in the middle.
   Once they had a few moments of peace Captain Shieldguard got them up to speed on what his preliminary investigation had found.  No bodies were found anywhere in the temple complex, nor were there any signs of struggle.  Whoever or whatever had happened had either been exceptionally quick or extra ordinarily stealthy and professional.  However with the trouble between the villagers and the adventurers he hadn’t had any time to conduct a proper investigation.  Now that the Magnificent 7 were here he was hoping they could get to the bottom of this while he ran interference with the villagers and adventurers.
   The Magnificent 7 set about combing the temple for any clue as to what had happened.  It became clear the clergy had not planned on leaving when they did; it looked as though everything had been dropped right in the middle of what they were doing.  Also it seemed that whoever had done this had taken the time to erase all signs of their being in the temple.  All signs except one, lodged deep into a beam in the main chapel Lynx noticed the glint of metal.  A harrowing climb up later and they recovered a crossbow bolt head. Further investigation and a short nap later revealed that it had been coated in an exceptionally potent sleeping poison.  This lead to the logical conclusion that drow had made off with the entire clergy of the temple for some reason.  Investigation into what the temple did indicated that they specialized in making underwater breathing magic items.
   The adventurers scouring the woods found what appeared to be a trail about a half hour into the woods.  The near end pointed towards the temple and it seemed to be heavily traveled.  To the trained eye of the Magnificent 7 they could see that the trail in fact lead to the temple, but it had been expertly camouflaged for the length near the temple.  Following the trail it ended at what looked to have been used as a small camp.  Investigation revealed that there was some residual magic from the use of a teleport ritual and amongst the ashes of the camp fire a fragment of map was found showing a different camp further into the woods. A trail could be seen leading off in the direction of the second camp.
   Following the trail lead the Magnificent 7 to a small elven village.  The elves were celebrating as it seems they had found and killed them some drow raiders.  Putting two and two together the party realized that they elves had just killed their chances of getting answers as to what happened in the temple.  Fortunately the drow had been killed recently enough that Thistle was able to use a speak with dead ritual to get some answers from the leader of the raiding party.
   It seemed that one of the drow factions wanted the priests expertise in making underwater breathing gear for some reason.     Little else was gained and not much more was expected based on how secretive the drow can be with their plots.  Deciding it was worth a shot the party decided to head on to the main camp in case there were some additional clues to be found.
   Arriving in the camp it was apparent that while no drow had made it back they had left some stuff in the camp as a cache and supply dump for their trip back to their city.  While the area was drow free it did not mean that the camp was unguarded.  It seems the drow hadn’t traveled all the way on foot, and their spider mounts decided that a snack of Magnificent 7 would hit the spot until their riders got back.  Unfortunately for the spiders the Magnificent 7 were really looking forward to a fight after all the headaches they had put up with thus far.
   A short skirmish later and the Magnificent 7 had a pack of spider mounts of their very own.  Finding little else of use at the cache the party packed it all up and headed for the elven capital and the drow embassy located there.  Needless to say a band of adventurers with a pack of spiders in tow going to the drow embassy caused quite the stir.  In the embassy the Magnificent 7 were not kept waiting long for a meeting with the ambassador based on their entrance to the city.  The ambassador listened to their story and the proof they had accumulated indicating that the drow had raided the temple after agreeing to peacefully live on the surface.  The ambassador remained remarkably calm through the story before excusing herself to see what could be done to resolve the issue as peacefully as possible.
   The Magnificent 7 were kept waiting for a couple of hours while the ambassador checked in with her government on what could be done.  While the soundproofing magic in the embassy was good, every now and then an outburst could be detected over the silencing spells (though what was being said was muffled to the point of being unrecognizable).  After the wait the ambassador invited them out to the teleportation circle in the courtyard.  Shortly after arriving outside a group of drow guards teleported in with the clergy from the temple of Melora.  An official apology was issued from the drow government for the actions taken by the rogue house that had orchestrated the kidnapping and a sizable donation was made to the temple to make up for any inconvenience this may have caused.  The Magnificent were given the spider mounts as a reward for bringing this heinous act to light.  The ambassador assured everyone that it would not happen again as the rogue house members were either dead or enslaved for their crimes.
   In appreciation for their work in rescuing them from the Drow the clergy provided each member of the Magnificent 7 with a specialized underwater breathing charm.  It allows normal movement and operation underwater however the bearers cannot take extended rests using them.  All the priests could confirm from their time with the drow was that they really wanted underwater breathing items for some reason.  The drow ambassador seemed equally as clueless to the motives of the drow house that kidnapped the clergy.  However the Magnificent 7 figured that there was more going on than they were being told.
   With the underwater breathing gear the Magnificent 7 decided that maybe probing the mysterious formation of lake Meteo may lead to some of the answers the drow were unwilling to provide.
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The Magnificent 7 Go Digging for Dwarves
   Paragon, the tier of globetrotting adventure.  Now that the Magnificent 7 had attained the prized level 11 the world opened up for them, new locations to visit, nastier bad things to squish, and dwarves asking for help as their underdark mining outposts are being flooded.
   Now to be honest it had been getting wet in the underdark for a little while, but there were bigger problems facing the world that needed the Magnificent 7’s attention.  But now it was time to help the dwarves get teleport circles setup to their main mining outposts so that they are not cut off by the rising water and starved out or lost.  Mostly this involved transporting the magical components required to setup teleport circles and setting up water proof wards in case of a major leak.  This seemed easy enough, except that the rising water was bringing out every air breathing underdark fiend  trying to find a dry spot to call home.  Not to mention undead cause by the rising water were attacking anything still breathing to ensure it went to a watery grave.
   Armed with packs full of supplies and a map of the tunnels they needed to follow the Magnificent 7 set off into the underdark.  While there were some minor encounters along the way with the squishier denizens of the underdark many of the more challenging encounters were with the undead moving into the area.  With two stops down and the last one around the next bend the Magnificent 7 heard the ominous sound of a dwarven dam giving way and water rushing down towards them.  Standing between them and their destination was a dark dwarf war band simultaneously holding off some undead on one flank while besieging the dwarven hold.
   The battle was fierce as both sides unloaded their big guns as quick as possible in an attempt to finish their foes before the water reached them.  Being in fireball formation was an issue for both sides of the conflict as the blasts and bursts of magical energy were fast furious.  It wasn’t looking good for the Magnificent 7 as the dark dwarven defenders would not die.  As the water started rising the Magnificent 7 finally managed to crack the wall of dark dwarf defenders. After that they swiftly mopped up the rest of their foes.
   At the last moment the dwarves threw open the gates to their hold, and the Magnificent 7 rushed inside ahead of the water.  Safely inside the party delivered the last of the magical supplies.  A quick teleport later and they were back in the main dwarven hold  with access to the surface.  All access to the underdark had been cut off by the rising water.  No one had any answers for where all the water could have come from.  And without the ability to breath under water the answers would not be easy to come by.
   At this point Fig decided that he wanted to start his career as an evil mastermind and decided to part ways with the rest of the team.  After a last round with his old team there was a send off out behind the tavern.  The next morning the Magnificent 7 left the dwarf holds less one Fig, and Fig left with the shipment of manure from the stables to fertilize a farmer’s field.
Magnificent 7 / Re: The Story So Far
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The Magnificent 7 Deal With Aberrant Invaders
   Back on dry land after their swashbuckling fun the Magnificent 7 find that a small foulspawn force has been steadily growing and is now becoming a major threat.  Teaming up with other adventurer parties and the local druids the party beat back the foulspawn advance and managed to seal the gate to the far realm that had let them loose.
   With the reinforcements cut off efforts now turned to mopping up the last of the foulspawn that had setup a base in a ruined city nearby.  The Magnificent 7 slipped through the city to an ancient library that was still mostly intact.  It seemed to be the hub of foulspawn activity in the city and it looked like they were searching for something.
   The magnificent 7 set about cutting their way through the guards posted through the library finally reaching the upper floors where they faced off with the lead foulspawn.  After a lengthy battle, involving some trips to an extra dimensional space, the party defeated the mystic and retrieved the book he was searching for (conveniently found for them by one of the mystic’s minions just after the party finished the fight).
   Taking the ancient tome back to Leon’s castle they set about trying to decipher and decode the ancient text… and promptly failed to understand the book.  Deciding that now would be a good time to invest some of their hard earned gold the party hired a group of sages to translate for them.  The book was the script to an ancient play, apparently one that was never popularized.  The summary was that some adventurers went about gaining the favor of all the major powers of the cosmos (gods, major demons, titans, primal spirits, etc…) in order to allow a set of dimensional travelers to come into this world and settle it as theirs had been destroyed.  The part of the book detailing how this was supposed to work and what happened was heavily damaged and could not be recovered.
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